Nightlife research

This week I did a little bit of research on the night life of Chile. I found out about some of the really popular clubs and bars as well as the attractions for the foreign students in Chile.

First of all, Chile is a real good place to go for those who want a nice international cuisine. In Santiago, there are cuisines from Peru, Thailand, New Zealand, and from some countries in Africa. But food isn’t all that there is. Performing arts has become extremely popular and people can always find artists dancing and singing on the streets or watch plays at a sophisticated theater. Santiago has even become a required stop for many popular artists when they go on their world tours.

In Santiago, there are hundreds of places to go at night. Barrio Bellavista hosts of crowd that’s more of the classic nightlife style with gay-friendly clubs and plenty of places to get a cheap beer. Barrio Brasil is more where the college students go and the crowd there is more intellectual and bohemian. Right in the middle of downtown, there are lots of discos but up north in Las Condes or Vitacura, where they charge twice as much as the other clubs, there is a scene filled with great DJs and “hip people.”

In the cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, there are lots of young university students who attend the bars there. During the day, the buildings look abandoned but at night, everything comes alive.

Even in the smallest city, Valdivia, there is a nightlife scene. Lots of students flock the streets at night but because the city is so small, everything is within walking distance to each other.

Next, I found a person who went there and read up on the experiences they had.

They said that all the Chileans are super nice and “you’re doing it wrong” if you don’t end up make 4-5 new friends during the night. He also said that things don’t really get going until about midnight or later because that’s just how things work there.

They also say that in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, there is more of a Miami vibe because it’s right on the water and most of the bars are outdoors.




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